About Us

Building B&WOur name, Unitarian Universalist Church of Fargo-Moorhead, is quite long and you will often here our church referenced to as the FMUU Church.  Even our email and website has those call letters fmuu@fmuu.org and www.fmuu.org.

The Covenant Words of FMUU.  These words are a promise, not a belief.

 “Love is the Spirit of this Church and Service its law.  This is our great covenant: To dwell together in peace, To seek the truth in love, and to help one another. “  By James Villa Blake

Our congregation has been a voice for liberal religion in Fargo – Moorhead for over four decades. It is a place where people on a variety of spiritual paths come together to grow in religious depth and to learn about and embody their faithfulness in the world. The heart of the various covenants that have bound Unitarian and Universalist congregations together for over 400 years rests on the great words: freedom, reason, tolerance, and unconditional love.

Although we do not subscribe to a common creed, Unitarian Universalists do commonly affirm the worth and dignity of all persons, the call to live a deeper, less superficial life, the practice of working for social justice, and the reasonable discourse between people who see the world through differing theological lenses.   FMUU , a lay-led congregation, is affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).  Within the UUA, we are a part of the PrairieStar District.

FMUU offers many opportunities to grow spiritually, be challenged intellectually and to build community.  Many of our members are active in the community in a variety of service, political, human rights, peace, justice, spiritual, and other organizations.  We are a diverse congregation, and we care deeply about valuing that diversity and stretching ourselves to become even more diverse.  Our efforts are apparent in our becoming a UUA-recognized Welcoming Congregation.

The search for truth is a personal one—unique for each individual.  Each of us is different and is affected differently by life’s events.  The purpose of  FMUU is to help adults and children explore their own religious and spiritual ideas and feelings (as well as those of others of all times) in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.

To learn more about our faith, browse the links in this section of the website or watch a short introductory video produced by UUA using the link below.

“In a Unitarian Universalist Church, revelation is an ongoing process; each of us is a potential harbinger of meaning.”  ~Forrest Church