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This Week at FMUU:

Dr. Tim O. Peterson

“Rescuing Mark"


FMUU Church has Moved Online

In response to COVID-19 protocols, we are not meeting in our
building for the month of April. However, 11 a.m. Sunday is still
time for church so we are meeting on Zoom.

You will need a computer, table or smart phone and internet
access/web browser to join. Using video is definitely preferred if you can. Audio only works too, especially if you don’t have
much bandwidth (internet power) Click this link:



or to go www.zoom.us

and type in the meeting’s code: 6317290747

If you are joining by phone you may need to download the Zoom App. On a computer the app will automatically download when you connect to Zoom via your web browser.

Important Zoom Clues
• Set up in a quiet spot.
• Try and join about five minutes before 11 a.m.
• Use MUTE when you are not speaking (click the microphone button).
• You can choose between “Gallery View” and see most on the call or “Speaker View” and see whoever is speaking at that moment.

Other Tips:
Bring your own Chalice.
• Try NOT to have a window at your back.
• Try TO have a light source in front of you.
• If you have issues, try leaving and meeting and rejoining first.
Then text or call someone in the group for help or post on the
FMUU Facebook page.
• Use the chat box if you are in the meeting and can’t be
• Don’t worry about how you look. Relax and smile and you

are beautiful just as you are.





Imagine a religion that

embraced different beliefs...

Including your own.


"Love is the spirit of this church, and service its law.

This is our great covenant: To dwell together in peace,

To seek the truth in love, And to help one another."

- James Vila Blake