FMUU Ministerial Search

Call to Professional Leadership

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Fargo-Moorhead (FMUU) seeks to call a half-time seminary-trained professional leader to serve the church.  Our preference would be someone who is or would be willing to be physically local.  The called professional must openly support the UU principles.  The called professional must be accepting of a diverse spiritual and religious congregation that is committed to a variety of worship services. The called professional will serve the congregation in the following capacities:


  1. Provide worship service twice a month.

  2. Be the face and voice of the congregation in the FM community.

  3. Provide spiritual and moral counseling within and outside the church.

  4. Assist the Care Team in outreach to members who cannot attend church.

  5. Support religious education and exploration for all congregants.

  6. Advise on church operations.

If interested, please read the Congregation Record, then fill out this APPLICATION and submit it to the FMUU Office (email address linked). 

Please contact with any questions.

Meet the FMUU Staff

Emma Hetland, Religious Education Coordinator

Emma will begin coordinating children and youth religious education on April 6. She grew up in Fargo, is attending MSUM for Early Childhood Education, and is excited to get to know our FMUU community.

Monika Browne-Ecker, Church Administrator

Monika has been our church administrator since March 1. She has studied Spanish linguistics and theatre and also works part time as the operations manager at Theatre B. As an immigrant and mother of an LGBTQ+ child, Monika is committed to the struggle for equality and justice. The FMUU mission and core principles align deeply with who she is and strives to be. Her name is pronounced moh-NEE-kah.

Administrator's Office Hours:
Tuesday and Wednesday 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. and by appointment:

Email Monika at

FMUU Board

Board of Directors

Bill Thomas, Chair  

Claudia English, Secretary/Treasurer


Jessica Jensen

Jarrad Prasifka

Lisa Falk

Joseph DeMasi