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Newcomer Information

What happens during the service?


Sunday services are formatted much like other traditional religious services with music, readings, and a sermon, also called a program or a homily. Unlike traditional religious services, there is often discussion during or following the program. A microphone is passed so all views can be easily heard. Services are approximately one hour long.


Our services focus on a wide variety of religious, philosophical, personal, and social issues. They are led by a lay worship leader, our speaker, and our musicians.  We honor the wisdom of the world’s religious traditions and often include readings from the sacred texts of one or more of these traditions in a service.


What should I expect when I arrive?


There is a greeter table in the foyer where you are welcome to sign the guestbook and make a name tag for yourself. There is a greeter there to help you with questions.


Our sanctuary is arranged much like other churches, with chairs typically in rows and the worship leader at the front of the room.


What should I wear?


Some people dress up for church, others come casually dressed. Jeans, shorts, and flip flops are all okay.


Where can I take my children?


Our Children’s Religious Education (RE) program—known as Sunday School in other faith traditions—is designed to give our kids the tools they need to make up their own minds about life’s big questions. Exposure to the stories, beliefs, theologies, and practices of the world’s religions is an important aspect of this spiritual development program.

The first time you bring your children, please come by our classroom 10–15 minutes early (the Greeters or other congregation members will be happy to escort you). Visiting children are welcome to stay with you for the whole service rather than attending RE, but please note sometime sensitive topics are discussed. For the very young, child care is available.


Where can I park?


On Sundays street parking is available on all streets and avenues around the church. You may also park in the southern section of the parking lot across the street from the courthouse. 

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