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About Religious Education

FMUU Religious Education, or “RE”, as we refer to it most, is a space where all children and youth in Kindergarten and above gather to explore topics central to our UU faith. We discuss UU history, our 7 Principles and traditions, learn about many different faith practices, religions, and belief systems, engage in Social Justice education and action, and each child in our program is encouraged to feel safe asking questions to further each of their spiritual and personal journeys. 

A typical Sunday for FMUU RE includes beginning our service upstairs in the sanctuary so that we can join the rest of the congregation in lighting the chalice, sharing joys and sorrows, and singing a welcoming song. We then head downstairs to the RE room together and gather to light our own chalice, share joys and sorrows once again, and recite our covenant- the promise we make at the beginning of each year about how to treat one another. The lesson is introduced after this, and then the children are given about twenty five minutes to explore activities and books related to the topic while the RE teachers provide guidance and answer questions they may have. When it is time to gather again, we meet and discuss the lesson with a few quick anecdotes that the RE teachers share about the lesson, and open it up to any questions or comments that came up for the children. We also share a snack during this time! At the end of our time together each Sunday, we extinguish our chalice and share some parting wishes with each other, and then the children are welcome to head out for coffee hour.


Religious Education Coordinator


Emma Hetland



emma headshot.jpg

Wisdom Circles and adult education programs are also available. Inquire at the office for more information.


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