FMUU Church News and Updates

From the Board of Directors

FMUU Board Meeting Minutes - August 15, 2021

July 2021 - Board Retreat Minutes - Summary*

*full notes posted at the church

1.    A Church plan for the current year is based on the assumption that we will not have a new Minister for this Church year 2021-2022.

2.    Changes to Program Committee leadership: On October 1, Laurie Baker will become the Program Committee Chair.  Mary Leff will step down as Chair but remain on the committee. Church Administrator will continue doing her task for the Program Committee & Worship Services.  

3.    Church Administrator will attend Board Meeting, starting in August, and take over the Board Meeting Minutes responsibility. 

4.   Sunday Coffee service resumes after Sept. 12 Grand Reopening. Assignments for volunteers will be sent out with weekly reminders from staff. The list will also be posted on the downstairs Bulletin Boards.

5.    Usher & Greeter positions will be combined this year. Ushers are Board members. The Usher will stand on the entrance level & greet people. Service programs will be put on the round pedestal for people to pick up.  Church Administrator will update the Usher’s responsibility list & put reminders in the Weekly E-blast/Newsletter starting in September.

6.    Board Meetings will be the second Sunday of each month at 9:30 am (prior to Sunday Services), starting October 2021. August meeting has been scheduled for August 15th.  The Board will organize & work the Re-Grand Opening plans in lieu of a monthly board meeting. 

7.    A Calendar of events for 2021-2022 Church year will be created by the Board with the assistance of the Church Administrator.  The Calendar will be posted downstairs on the bulletin board & on our website.

8.    Promotion & Outreach was discussed next, including social media and website. Discussion will follow at the August Board Meeting.

9.    The Board will be responsible for new members classes & In-gatherings for the Church year 2020-2021. Two Board members will host a new Membership Class every other month on the same day as Board meetings.    Dates are October 10, December 12, February 13, April 10, and June 12.  Meetings will be at 12:30pm. In-gatherings will be organized by the Board, when there is a group of people who want to become members. New member material will be the existing pamphlets, the website, and a copy of the recent newsletter.

10.    The Leadership Council, (monthly meeting of committee chairs, employees), will start again. Board Liaisons to the committees are: Jarrad - Program; Lisa - Search Committee; Joseph - Social Action Committee; Jessica - Place Committee; Jarrad & Bill - Personnel Committee; Claudia - People Committee.  Committee Structure will be reviewed again at a future board meetings. 

11.    Stewardship:  The Board discussed ideas for this Church years Stewardship drive. The Board hopes to choose a chairperson this fall. More discussion at the October Board Meeting.

12.    Board Books will be reviewed & made digital.  

13.    Visioning:  Board member Lisa Falk wrote two behavioral definitions for two of the four values.  The Board used existing definitions for the other two values. The Board accepted Lisa’s definitions.

14.    AV update: volunteers will meet with Site On Sound and receive bids on further improvements (first bid on Screen/Projector (not available right now) and second bid on hard screen position/85” smart TV, on a rolling cart. Board members will work on soliciting donations of additional equipment (computer). An idea was proposed to fundraise monies to pay for new equipment cost. Board member De Masi volunteered to create and cook a special dinner & charge $100 per plate and do 2 shifts. Update at August Board Meeting.

15.    Board discussed & agreed to hire a part-time Tech Host for 2 hours (10:30am-12:30pm) per Sunday.  Pay $50 per week.

16.    Grand Opening Plans Sunday Sept 12:  Celebration of Us.

  • Concert

  • Kids activities (face painting, etc.)

  • Potluck (hosted by Board)

  • Application for Block Party to close off streets (applied with City of Fargo).

  • Decorations

  • Group photos

  • More updates at August 2021 board meeting.

17.    The RE program will need a paid childcare provider & parent volunteer for each Sunday. Personnel Committee and RE Coordinator will work securing volunteers and paid support person.

18.    Committee structure:  Discussion regarding names of committees and capacity of current volunteers to perform tasks. Update at future meeting.

19.    Election of Officers

  • Bill Thomas was re-elected President of the Board.  

  • Claudia English was re-elected Secretary/Treasurer of the Board.


20.    Discussion regarding exit interviews of the former minister and former administrator.

21.   Updates for downstairs bulletin board needed. Board members to provide photos and short descriptions of their roles.

22.    Needs: Cleaning/Maintenance person/paid position. 

23.    Volunteer needed to organize potlucks on Sunday Nov. 7th.